You have two soundtracks in the Aston. At low revs, the Aston is silent. Then you get to 3,000 RPM and all hell breaks loose. The two trumpets out back fire off a sound that Louis Armstrong wishes he created. It's goosebump inducing.


Then we have the Bang & Olufsen stereo. It's really incredible and produces some of the crispest playback I've ever heard in a car. It really is concert quality. And not nosebleeds of Giant Stadium concert quality. We're talking fourth row center on the floor at the New York Philharmonic quality. It's lovely.

Toys: 7/10

The Aston has Bluetooth, nav, parking sensors, a backup camera, satellite radio, and all of those other doo dads. But it feels like it only has them because people want them. The nav is a Garmin unit, which isn't bad but doesn't feel expensive. Hooking up your phone is infuriating. If you've never seen Aston's interface before, it's the most illogical setup in the world. It's like it was designed by ducks who hate Bluetooth.


And during my first night in the car, it decided that it liked Classic Vinyl on Sirius so much that I wasn't allowed to change the station. It also decided that not every playlist on my iPod should be accessible, so I had to listen to Christmas music.

Value: 8/10


Again, like the Lamborghini, this isn't a value proposition. This car stickered for $195,440, and that includes the $8,330 B&O stereo. Here's the thing though: This is the only super sports GT with a manual gearbox and a V12. And it's now extinct.

I think that makes it worth it. You're getting what is probably the last of the breed. There could be another V12 car with a manual coming from Aston, but I tend to doubt it. Otherwise the new Vanquish would offer one. Like the coelacanth, the V12 Vantage is temporarily extinct. Hopefully it reappears from the murky waters below the automotive industry soon.


It's a masterpiece.


Engine: 5.9L V12
Power: 510 HP at 6,500 RPM/420 LB-FT at 5,750 RPM
Transmission: Six-Speed Manual
0-60 Time: 4.2 seconds
Top Speed: 190 mph
Drivetrain: Rear-Wheel Drive
Curb Weight: 3,704 Pounds
Seating: 2 people
MPG: 11 City/17 Highway/13 Combined
MSRP: $183,535 ($195,440 As Tested)

2012 Aston Martin V12 Vantage 2dr Cpe Man Specs
510 @ 6500
420 @ 5750
Engine type
Gas V12
Curb weight
3704 lbs