2010 Saab 9-5: Bigger, Quirkier And With More Born From Jets References

The future of Saab under GM ownership is dubious at best, but the Swedish automaker is still moving forward as evidenced by these spy photos of the 2010 Saab 9-5.


Despite riding on the Opel Insignia's Epsilon II platform, the next 9-5 appears to wear styling every Snaab will feel comfortable driving. It appears as though we've got an upright windshield, a formal front A-pillar and a sloping tumblehome which looks to retain a hatchback, all classic Saab cues. The car will be much bigger than the current iteration in an effort to put some space between the 9-5 and the 9-3, but the new car will be going out of its way to tow the Saab party line.

The only thing we find troubling? This particular tester's gone so far as to wear a license plate starting wih "JET." Blech!
[World Car Fans]

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