2010 Ford Mustang To Debut at LA Auto Show

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Earlier today, when Ford announced plans to counter its largest ever quarterly loss, we also learned the 2010 Ford Mustang would be revealed to pumping bass and epileptic-unfriendly lights at the 2008 LA Auto Show in November. We know the car arrives in showrooms early next year, and what's a new car without the lasers and dry ice of an auto show unveiling? But why LA and not Detroit?


Our sources tell us the reason the Giugiaro concept-based 'Stang is coming to LA is partly due to the lucrative convertible market represented by sunny California, but also because it offers Ford the opportunity to become the star of the show. Despite being located in the civilized world, LA is still eclipsed by Detroit's NAIAS, which sees a huge number of new models unveiled each year. By unveiling the Mustang in LA, Ford hopes to guarantee more coverage.

It also looks like we'll be getting three models at the unveiling, as described in Ford's press release:

• New Ford Mustang - coupe, convertible, and glass-roof models - in early 2009

No word on which engines we'll be seeing, but our fingers are firmly crossed for an Eco-Boost-equipped 300 HP 2010 Ford Mustang SVO.


Can we have a poll: Who gives a shit about Mustangs?

(I'm aware of the irony of not caring about Mustangs and replying to a post about Mustangs, but sheesh, if it wasn't for posts about Mustangs there wouldn't be anything to read all day long)