Illustration for article titled Ford To Bring Mustang SVO Badge Back For 2010 With 300 HP Eco-Boosted Four-Cylinder

We've now heard from a second source that Ford is readying a return to the 2010 Ford Mustang of a badge familiar to malaise-era muscle car fan-boys — the Mustang SVO. Just like the original limited edition mid-eighties Mustang was all about merging power performance with fuel efficiency — we're hearing similar rumblings on this new 'stang. We'd already heard Ford's plans for the Boss engine lineup and we already understood the new Mustang would be less V8-focused than the current Mustang's muscular lineup. We'd also heard the pony car would be receiving Ford's new silver bullet, a twin-turbocharged engine equipped with their new EcoBoost technology. What we hadn't heard was what the boys over at Garage419 today claim — that it'll be a four-banger capable of hitting 300 HP and this newly-badged 'stang will be lighter than the GT by 500 lbs. Holy game-changer, Batman!


We're told G419's source is pretty good, and since we'd heard something about Ford's strategy when it comes to these new engines from a reliable source. Mostly because we think we know who their source is — and since if he's who we think he is, he knows something about the high-performance side of Ford. One thing we're hoping is that this won't nix our desires to see the EcoBoost V6 under the hood. Because if there's one thing we like more than more power, it's not having to pay an arm and a leg at the gas pump for it. [via Garage419]

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