Buried beneath pickup truck news — by way of PickupTrucks.com and Automotive News — we're told Ford may be axing (or at least severely limiting) their program for the large displacement Boss V8 engine. These "Boss" engines, sources claim, were planned for the 2010 Ford Mustang and F-150's, and expected to go head-to-head with big-liter engines from Chrysler, GM and Toyota. According to the two outlets' internal Ford whisperers, the bigger engines may be being scrapped altogether. That means, potentially — in addition to the new Ford F-150 not getting a range of "Boss" V8s — the Mustang may lose out on the big, bold and bossy engine as well in favor of a smaller displacement V8. While our sources at Ford claim "it's hard to axe something that was never on the table to begin with," Ford's President of the Americas, Mark Fields tells a different story.

Fields claims, by way of PUTC, that

"we've made a significant investment in it (the Boss engine). The program is moving forward but with lower volumes and only one displacement (engine)."


It sounds to us like perhaps you can axe something that's not been on the table. [PickupTrucks.com, Automotive News (sub. req.)]

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