2009 Toyota Supra: More Hype Than Reality...Or The Other Way Around?

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Depending on who you're listening to out there on the interwebs, there's either a new ToMoCo Supra on the way to play against the Nissan 350Z...or there's not. More than likely if it is, it'll be based off of the design of the FT-HS that first turned our heads at the Detroit Auto Show. The only problem is, we're hearing both "go" and "whoa" this week...


...with the folks over at the road that's never straight claiming design on a new Z-fighter is well under way at CALTY. Their sources claim this new super-Supra's base version

"will receive an improved version of the 3.5-liter V-6 from the IS350, producing 330 brake horsepower"


while they'll also

"do a V-6 hybrid using a ramped-up version of the GS450h powertrain on a shortened rear-drive platform. This one would pack 400 bhp."

They're pegging 2008 as the date we'll see ToMoCo's new sports car hotness on the streets. But they're not the only ones with an opinion here — Ed Hellwig over at the line that's always running straight at Edmunds has a different take — he's claiming:

A couple notable publications haven recently entered the never ending Toyota Supra speculation game, and this time both are saying the car is a go for 2009. We wish it was true, but the fact is the Supra is no closer to production that it was three years ago when all the rumors started. Sure, there are people within Toyota who would like to see a Supra revival, but it currently sits at the bottom of their priority lists. The performance coupe segment is stagnant with little chance for growth and there's no way Toyota is about to commit engineering resources to a small volume car with minimal margins. So feel free to speculate, but don't start saving your money just yet 'cause this coupe isn't happening.


What do you think the number one super best automaker from the land of the rising sun's going to do?


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It won't sell. How many more 350z's do you see on the road now, than you did 300zx's 10 years ago? I just can't see this selling any better than the last Supra, and don't forget they did stop production of that one, despite how awesome it was. This is a cool car, no doubt, but that doesn't mean people will buy it. Price it at 20K and people will buy it, but there is no way they can do that, and the vast majority of people that want this, just won't be able to afford it (or the insurance).

There is a slim chance they could build it as a low production halo car, to try and bring their image back to "cool" from "lame hippy commuter car company" but I doubt it.