2009 Ford Mustang 45th Anniversary Edition, Revealed Uninspiringly

Turns out when we posted a photo of the 2009 Ford Mustang badge it rung a bell with Jaloper James Kenney, who has a quick eye and an even quicker shutter. This 45th Anniversary Edition 2009 Ford Mustang was sitting in the driveway in a neighborhood (should have put it in the garage). Clearly, Ford is answering our question about the Mustang's relevance with this fine vehicle. Notice those deluxe cloth seats and, if we're not mistaken, this vehicle is equipped with a whole six mighty cylinders (45 years of progress!). There is one detail that sort of jumps out at us, though.


This particular model is one of the glass roof Mustangs, which let in all that natural light. If you look at the interior pic you'll also notice "Mustang" printed on the previously mentioned deluxe cloth seats. Say it with us — Deeeeeeluxe! (Hat tip to James!)

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