2009 Ford Mustang Badge, Revealed!

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Holy cow, OMG, WTF — it's a real, live badge for the 2009 Ford Mustang! OK, we'll stop with the exclamations now. But why wouldn't we be excited — it's the 45th anniversary of the Mustang and, and, and — OK, we can't really figure out why we should be excited. Especially given we'll see an entirely new Ford Mustang less than one year later for the 2010 model year. Whatever, we salute Ford for 45 years of pony cars. At least they kept going with the muscular muscle cars even when no other 'merican automaker would. That took some guts — and we'll give 'em credit for that. However we'll still poke 'em for that big truck axle in the rear end. Speaking of credit, we're also going to give some credit to Mustang Evolution for pokin' fun at Ford with a snarky little comment on the new 'stangs looking a little thick around the waist. Way to be, guys! [Mustang Evolution]

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Rob Emslie

@OldeEnglishD: You're absolutely correct. I was thinking that the fox-based Stang came out in '78, but it was '79. Thanks for the correction, and sorry about your Mustang II hand grenade!