2009 BMW 1-Series Convertible

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In case the word didn't get out, it's convertible day at BMW. First they throw down with the new BMW M3 Convertible, and then they show their ace card the new 2009 BMW 1-Series Convertible. The littlest BMW is sporting a hot new powered drop-top and the teeming masses are all over it like gooey French cheese. Seriously, It took 15 minutes to hack away at the crowd to get decent pictures. Anyway, as expected, the top drops away silently and smoothly into the trunk leaving about as much space as you need for a day bag.


The models were kind enough to run it up and down for us a couple of times and it seems to work well. The interior is same as on the current car, but the headliner is a strange stretchy cloth that does the job of covering up the top's inner workings. The little trim detail which runs along the edge of the top is a nice brushed piece of stainless steel, adding to the overall precise look nicely. Now if only they can down what is sure to be a ridiculously high price tag.

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Ash78, voting early and often

@bobdobbs: You said it. I'm completely uninterested in the heavier, more complex, less rigid, and costlier versions of otherwise nice cars, which are only used in their specialty form about 20% of the time if you live south of the Mason-Dixon (maybe 10% to the north).

(not a stab at Jalopnik's coverage, just a critique of the whole convertible hullabalooza)