2009 BMW M3 Convertible

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Ever feel like you need to have the wind in your hair while pulling 8,000 RPM powerslides in your BMW M3? Well now you can with the addition of the BMW M3 Convertible. The sleek and speedy vert has been unveiled after a long rumor mill process and the swiftly shifting hardtop is here to show the goods. While it gets 100% of all the things that make the M3 on it's own a fun little toy, the thing we noticed the most will be a little something the golf-playing lawyers who buy them may need a bit more of. No, not that.


That. Right there. The trunk. Looks at that trunk space with the top down. One could barely fit a golf club in the trunk, let alone many golf clubs, so many in fact to necessitate the use of a golf bag. We dig that sporty body work and the lusty power train, but come on, if we can't get two golf bags at least, we just can't even imagine putting up with this car.

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