Detroit Auto Show: BMW 1-Series Convertible

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Say guten tag to BMW's latest cabrio. It's the droptop version of the 1-Series that debuted earlier this year. We've already seen the press shots, back in October. But after all those months, BMWs come up with a suitable US base price of $34,000 to start. That's for the 128i; no word on the 135i convertible, which is expected in Fall 08. In other news, the back seat is the size of an infant's bathtub.



Charles_Barrett - Now with Variable-Valve Timing

I shudder to think about the backseat... When a friend's partner bought a new 3-Series drop-top two years ago, we all three went out to a book-signing and late supper. I went into the backseat, and at 6'6" I had to fold myself in half for the ride, and duck-and-cover when the top went up. The 1-Series can only be smaller and more cramped.