1972 Starcraft RV handles like "a Wells Fargo Stagecoach"

Even though these days you see a lot less proof of the popularity of Motorhomes on the highway, in 1972 recreational vehicles were big business. Car and Track responded to the boom in popularity by testing out what the early 70s RV market had to offer, starting out with the Starcraft Motorhomes featured in this vintage road test.


Car and Track host Bud Lindemann may have found the RV trend surprising, but there was certainly a great deal of talk about them by 1972 when this road test was filmed. Even though RVs carried a walloping price tag, the allure of taking your home with you when you travel was too much for many to resist. The result was a boom of recreational vehicle production, resulting in models like the 22' and 24' Starcraft RV seen here.

The "Starcruiser" as Lindemann called it, had everything you might expect from a vintage RV including plaid interior, tiny bathrooms, questionable build quality and terrifying handling. According to the host the Starcraft, like many other RVs, was great at the campsite, but not so great on the road:

"Parked under the shade of a tree next to a bubbling brook (RVs) make an excellent family campsite, however the trip to the brook could be a nightmare."


Fookin' Prawns


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