1971 Dodge Challenger offers more than just a pile of muscle

According to Car and Track host Bud Lindemann, If you thought this 1971 Dodge Challenger was hot, you were right. Even though the curtains were falling on the supercar era in 1971, the new Challenger still packed a punch while offering more than just a pile of muscle.


Any reservations about the performance prowess of muscle cars in 1971 need only watch the Car and Track test driver twisting the then brand new Challenger every way but loose around the test track. The car was clearly happy burning rubber off the line thanks to the eight piston screamer under the hood.

What the Challenger lacked in braking ability, it made up for in the corners. According to Lindemann the Challenger was "beautiful in the turns", a fact backed up by the impressive footage of the Dodge four wheel drifting through the corners.

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There have been attempts at building Challenger Station Wagons. I think this attempt turned out pretty well.