The Brightest LED Truck Light Bar Ever Will Make Your Neighbors Hate You

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If you hate driving in the dark, then I think you’ll enjoy seeing this video of a DIY LED light bar setup. Not only does this thing make everything bright, it takes the dark out behind some dumpsters and beats the dark turds right out of it. Plus, this brightest LED light array is mounted on a very cool custom truck, not that you can really see the truck because you’re effectively blinded.


These LED arrays were built by YouTuber (you know, like a potato) RCtestflight out of 40 100W emitters for the larger 4kW array, and 18 100W emitters for the smaller (but more practical) 1.8kW array.

You can see both arrays in action in this video:

The large array has 60 degree glass lenses, which makes a beam a bit too wide for comfortable use; the smaller array gives each LED emitter its own parabolic reflector, which creates a more usable beam.

The video also gives a good comparison between regular high-beams and the 1.8 kW array:

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That’s a hell of a lot of light.

It’s a fascinating experiment/project, and I suppose if you’re in the vampire extermination or neighbor-waking business, this is likely just the thing for you.

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I just wanna get in ahead of the shitposting:

I despise, as much as the next guy, those assholes who drive around with their light bars on all the time, blinding everyone. Those people suck.

Having said that, a light bar (or any auxiliary light) can be a fantastic tool on a dark, unlit road at night when used properly (i.e. not blinding other drivers.) I have a relatively small 20" bar on my BRZ. It’s small, but it’s still hilariously bright since it’s a nice Rigid Industries bar that cost over $500. On the unlit back roads in my area (through the nature preserves), it is incredibly useful in helping to spot wildlife, or just generally see much further on single-lane roads with 55 MPH speed limits, and trees and brush lining the roadway. I wired mine to a toggle switch through my high beams, so I can’t run it separately in “bro mode” even if I wanted to. The toggle switch simply “enables” the bar, which allows it to come on/off with my high beams. I only use it with nobody ahead of me... or every so often to flash some oncoming asshole with their high beams on (unlike my stock high beams, it is MUCH more effective in getting them to actually react)... or, occasionally, to annoy the shit out of a left lane hog after they refuse to move over, lol.

So yes, they can be annoying AF... but when used properly, they are super useful at night - even if you aren’t in the Paris Dakar rally.