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One of the very first two 2020 Toyota Supras to get engine swapped just got its engine changed again, this time from a Toyota 2JZ straight six to a V8. It’s not the LS you’d think it’d be, but it is an LS engine.


The exact engine is the 3UZ, the second development of the 1UZ that powered the iconic original LS400. That was the 1UZ, though. The 3UZ powered, uh, the Lexus LS430 among other things, like, uh, Super GT cars and Daytona Prototypes, as Road and Track notes.

But since everything is meaningless now, we’re calling it an LS engine. It was in an LS430. So THERE.

This one in particular is turbocharged and sounds absolutely amazing at its competition debut at the D1GP round at Autopolis over the weekend. Listen to this thing cut hard off throttle for a typically strong entry from D1 icon Masato Kawabata:


Listen to it more:

I love it, and have no shame in adoring this charming Toyota engine, even if it ditches the straight-six format. Now we just have to see a Supra drift car with a big-power version of the Supra’s original B58, but it seems like we’ll have to wait for Papadakis for that one.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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