Volkswagen May Reveal This Humble Golf With Audi’s High-Tech Cockpit Of The Future

Volkswagen has big plans for the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show next month, and those could include the virtual cockpit-style design seen in a leaked video of what appears to be a new Golf concept.


The video below comes from The Truth About Cars, which they claim to have received through “less-than-official channels”:

Footage shows something brand new to the Golf—a full TFT display for the driver, something we’ve seen in cars like the 2016 Audi TT. In addition to the display, the video shows an updated infotainment unit and what looks to be a wireless charging mat in the center console. Fancy.

Since VW mentioned in a statement that the manufacturer has some new “developments in electromobility as well as the next generation of connectivity” under wraps to be unveiled at the show in Las Vegas, we’re sure to see a high-tech Golf—potentially the concept above—sometime soon.

More from the VW statement:

For instance, Volkswagen will give quite a clear glimpse of the latest developments in in-car infotainment that are on the verge of being launched onto the market. This will see innovations such as the Golf R Touch concept car finding their way into Volkswagen’s broad product portfolio.

That video could feature exactly what they’re talking about. We’ll just have to wait another month to find out.

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