Audi's Virtual Cockpit Is The Amazing Future Of Automotive Infotainment

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The interior of the next Audi TT has just been shown at CES 2014. To say it's full of technology is probably an understatement when you look at the huge map where the instruments would normally be.

That's a 12.3-inch TFT display in the gauge cluster of the new TT, which Audi says has the first "virtual cockpit." Drivers can switch between two modes, according to Audi, with a traditional tach-and-speedo arrangement available.


The rest of the interior looks standard Audi fare, meaning it's pretty gorgeous and everything will probably feel amazing. The MMI knob changes functions in the TFT display, meaning the rest of the interior gets to stay button and screen-free. Oh, that's a manual transmission, too.


The air vents are cool in that they also house the climate controls.

The new TT is expected to be shown later this year, although we're going to get an idea of what the outside of the car will look like through another dynamic Audi concept at the Detroit Auto Show.


Photos: Audi