Did A Dolce & Gabbana Exec Crash This $1.3 Million Zonda F?

An axiom of supercars appears to be that the more wonderful and rare it is, the more likely it'll be crashed. The wonderful Pagani Zonda F is certainly rare — just 25 built — and now one's been crashed in Hong Kong. For the second time. And our tipster thinks it might belong to an exec at fashion house Dolce &… » 1/26/12 9:30am 1/26/12 9:30am

Pagani Zonda Cinque, A Street Legal Zonda R, First Picture

As much as we all love the Pagani Zonda R, it's one of those cars so ridiculously out of reach we have to avoid thinking about it sometimes. Powered by an AMG-sourced V12, the Zonda R and Zonda F Clubsport are among the most extreme track toys our weak minds can imagine. We sadly reported last year that Pagani would… » 5/29/08 8:10pm 5/29/08 8:10pm

Zonda v. GT-R At Nurburgring, Who Will Win?

The ultimate measure of performance for many supercars is the lap time around the Nurburgring. We told you about Toyota letting loose the rumor about the LF-A setting the record lap over various other supercars. Here's a well synched shootout between the venerable Zonda F against a lap from the almost as venerable… » 1/07/08 10:15am 1/07/08 10:15am

Pagani Zonda F on the 'Ring, Cinematic Edition

While most driver-POV videos on the Nürburgring offer production values equal to a home movie of Howe Caverns, this HD clip of a 'ringward jaunt in a Zonda F is a cinematic wonder, nearly on par with the famed Ferrari Shell commercial. It even has a snappy follow-along map for you N-ring-turn geeks. (Raise your… » 11/05/07 4:15pm 11/05/07 4:15pm

Pagani Zonda: Say Goodbye to an Instant Classic

A few months back at Top Marques Monaco, I heard some slightly distressing news. Not only would there not be a Pagani Zonda F Roadster available to drive for the foreseeable future, but they also had just five left for sale. And that will be the end of the Zonda, one of the few supercar success stories in recent… » 6/18/07 2:35pm 6/18/07 2:35pm