Rumors are circling on the island that the car "belong[s] to one of the top execs of the retailer." The video seems to show a man surrounded by protestors and police getting in the car outside of the D&G store.


Ultimately, it doesn't matter who owns it. It's another amazing supercar cut down in its prime. Tear.

UPDATE: Derrick, a Hong Kong local, chimes in to say that the Zonda owner was probably protesting D&G, rather than a part of the company:

i don't know whose it is, but it definitely isn't anyone from dolce and gabbana.

IT was parked outside the store on canton road as part of a protest AGAINST D&G.

D&G stopped locals from taking photos of their store front not too long ago which sparked protests across the state and a boycotting campaign (they let mainland chinese and other foreigners take photos, but not locals) (stating fears of replica goods).

So as part of the protest, the owner of the Zonda told his friend to park the car outside the store and invited people to freely take photos of it.

Hope this helps!


UPDATE 2: Maybe the rumors were right and this video proves the guy who wrecked the car is actually the head of D&G in Hong Kong. Hard to know for sure but they make a compelling point.


(Hat tip to PurePump!)