Did A Dolce & Gabbana Exec Crash This $1.3 Million Zonda F?

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An axiom of supercars appears to be that the more wonderful and rare it is, the more likely it'll be crashed. The wonderful Pagani Zonda F is certainly rare — just 25 built — and now one's been crashed in Hong Kong. For the second time. And our tipster thinks it might belong to an exec at fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. UPDATE!


Pagani's Zonda F squeezes 594 horsepower out of its 6.0-liter AMG V12, enough to send the car to 60 mph in under three seconds. It's a unicorn. A crazy, crash-happy unicorn. This is at least the third massive Zonda F crash since the car debuted (and there are possibly more).


This particular car seems to have twisted itself around a pole at high speed, sending fluids out into the street. The entire nose has been scraped off as well as the rear right-side wheel. Damage to the glorious AMG mill? Yep, looks like it.

Our tipster also noticed the same car was prominently featured in front of the D&G store in Hong Kong during protests there earlier this year surrounding that store's ban on photography.

Rumors are circling on the island that the car "belong[s] to one of the top execs of the retailer." The video seems to show a man surrounded by protestors and police getting in the car outside of the D&G store.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter who owns it. It's another amazing supercar cut down in its prime. Tear.

UPDATE: Derrick, a Hong Kong local, chimes in to say that the Zonda owner was probably protesting D&G, rather than a part of the company:

i don't know whose it is, but it definitely isn't anyone from dolce and gabbana.

IT was parked outside the store on canton road as part of a protest AGAINST D&G.

D&G stopped locals from taking photos of their store front not too long ago which sparked protests across the state and a boycotting campaign (they let mainland chinese and other foreigners take photos, but not locals) (stating fears of replica goods).

So as part of the protest, the owner of the Zonda told his friend to park the car outside the store and invited people to freely take photos of it.

Hope this helps!


UPDATE 2: Maybe the rumors were right and this video proves the guy who wrecked the car is actually the head of D&G in Hong Kong. Hard to know for sure but they make a compelling point.


(Hat tip to PurePump!)

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I frequent Hong Kong on business and I was just there earlier this month. My office is in the same building as D&G (located on the upper floors). I happened to be taking a smoke break when the initial protest happened outside of D&G, but I wasn't fortunate enough to see the Zonda parked out front.

However, I was fortunate enough to see that same Zonda later that week on a Saturday night. My buddy and I were walking to Central from Soho (neighborhoods in HK) and we could hear it coming. The exhaust notes were echoing off the tall buildings. What was even more surreal was, not only did I get to see a Zonda F sitting at a stop light right in front of me, but it was followed by a Lambo, Ferrari, Porsche Turbo, and another Ferrari. They proceeded to race from stop light to stop light.

So when I read that someone had crashed a Zonda F, my first thought was, "Holy S*, I just saw one up close." When I saw the picture, I noticed the unmistakeable Red Toyota Crown Taxis that you find in HK. Having seen it up close and personal. Having been able to listen to it's engine at high rpms. It makes me sad. I'll never forget that orange.

PS - On a slight tangent... I live in LA and the cars that you see in HK make Beverly Hills seem like a used car lot.