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$1 Million Pagani Zonda F Wrecked In Poland

Illustration for article titled $1 Million Pagani Zonda F Wrecked In Poland

According to WreckedExotics, the driver of this $1 million-plus Pagani Zonda F was speeding, lost control and slammed into a tree in reverse. What makes news worse? The engine caught fire after the crash.


Sorry PCH'ers, with the engine and the outer shell lost in this smash-up, we're not so sure there's much left to reconstruct, Eddie Griffin Enzo-style. But, that said, anyone want to try? [via WreckedExotics]

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Not one tear will be shed for this unfortunate car. Zondas have been overpriced for what they really are, and have never been offered within the US (well, legally at least). Just another mid engined, semi high performance, plaything for the rich and infamous.

I wonder how many of these things (and those produced by other manufacturers) won't be sold because of the collapse of the equity markets. And with criminals like Bernard Madoff actually responsible for their clients evaporating wealth, I wonder if there will be any of the more tenuous companies that will close for good (Like Gumpbert, Koenigsegg, Bristol, and others)