2011 Pagani C9 A New, Turbocharged Unicorn

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There may only be one 1994 Escort built with Electric Green exterior and pink interior, but nobody cares. A Pagani, on the other hand, is something rare and special. Time to start saving for the twin-turbocharged 2011 Pagani C9.


These photos show a tester for the Zonda-replacing C9, this time ditching the 7.3-liter AMG V12 in favor of the twin-turbo 6.0-liter V12 from the SL65 AMG Black Series. With 40 models set to be produced per year, the chances of owning one increase slightly... if you have $1.3 million burning a hole in your custom-tailored Italian pockets. [Road & Track]

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The escort always get's so much crap from you guys! What gives? I think it's about time the 2nd generation escort gets its due respect. The car, you see, is like the overweight girlfriend we have all had (or have). She's not the best looking, but dammit, she will always be there for you!

I have owned 4 escorts in my 28 years, and the first one made it to 250,000 miles. It probably would have made it to 300k, but I donated it when I bought an escort GT (which has the same block as the Miata, btw). Each subsequent escort I have owned made it to 200k miles without breaking a sweat.

The 2nd gen escort seems to be the most common car at my local u-pull junkyard (parts galore, how I love thee), so there are plenty of spare parts around.

It seems to me that we, as Jalops, need to recognize the escort for it's true value to mankind. We should no longer use the escort as the butt of all our jokes. But most of all, we need to appreciate the escort for the service it provides!

Who's with me?