The Best Alternatives to Traditional Car Rentals

Toyota's New Transit Idea Is Like a Bikeshare for Tiny Electric Cars

Small, weird-looking smartcars are nothing new; there are plenty of them on the road, especially in cities where space is at a premium. But Toyota has launched something that makes great use of its zippy 3-wheeled i-Road vehicles: a new car-sharing service that integrates with a city's existing transit system. » 9/12/14 4:32pm 9/12/14 4:32pm

Zipcar Is About To Get A Lot More Convenient

Zipcar, the rent-by-the-hour car sharing service of choice for broke urban Millennials, has one hugely glaring and annoying flaw: after you check out a Zipcar, you have to put it back where you found it. Now they're about to unveil a new program that will fix that. » 5/05/14 12:40pm 5/05/14 12:40pm

An Opinion on Zipcar and the Millennial Problem

Look closely at that image, Jalopnik. What you and I see there is a broken down, 1000$ (or less) rusted Pontiac Bonneville. They are looking at a Ferrari. » 4/27/13 10:59pm 4/27/13 10:59pm

This Is The Ultimate Car-Share Car

A little bit ago, we ran an article about the idea of Peak Car, and that led to discussions about share cars like Zipcar, and that led to this comment from reader Max_Plays_Music: » 1/23/13 4:00pm 1/23/13 4:00pm

Now You Can Rent BMWs Straight From BMW

Zipcar, the urban car sharing platform, has become so popular over the last few years that a number of similar ventures have popped up. Even OnStar users can now rent their cars out by the hour. » 7/24/12 2:00pm 7/24/12 2:00pm

'Engagement Ring In Catbox' Leads Zipcar User On Twitter Manhunt

Over the weekend, writer (and Jezebel founder) Anna Holmes was using car-sharing service Zipcar, as many New York dwelling, car-less people do, when she discovered the last driver had left a notebook in the car. » 7/17/12 4:00pm 7/17/12 4:00pm

iPhone 3G, 3GS: Car Gadget Round Up

Apple announced a host of auto-centric applications and features for iPhones both new and old at yesterday's 2009 World Wide Developers Conference, ranging from driving games to TomTom toys to Zipcar control. The full spectrum of new Apple auto-erotica below. » 6/09/09 9:00am 6/09/09 9:00am

Control Zipcar From Your iPhone

Apple announced a new iPhone application for car-sharing service Zipcar at today's 2009 World Wide Developers Conference. The app will allow users to find, reserve and control zipcars from their phones. Yes, control. » 6/08/09 3:10pm 6/08/09 3:10pm

Hertz Connect Car-On-Demand Service Taking Aim At Zipcar

Connect by Hertz, the company's new car-sharing service, lets consumers snag an iPod-enabled, GPS-equipped car for a few hours at a price not increased by typical rental fees. Sound familiar? » 12/26/08 1:00pm 12/26/08 1:00pm

Zipcar Cutting Back Fleet In SoCal, Refocusing on Colleges

This morning, nearly 800 Southern California members of the Zipcar car-sharing service received an email informing them that the company would be refocusing its business on college markets. This will reduce the overall Zipcar fleet in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas from 90 vehicles to something closer to 35. In… » 1/23/08 1:45pm 1/23/08 1:45pm

Car Sharing to Get More Tax-ing in Washington State

Flexcar/Zipcar users around Washington State are going to see the price of their car sharing rise this week as a nearly 10% car rental tax is going to be applied to their services. The rental car companies were displeased with the exemption for car sharing since they consider their services comparable, and the state's… » 11/02/07 11:15am 11/02/07 11:15am

Zipcar buys Flexcar, monopolizes this car-sharing game

Zipcar announced on Wednesday that it was acquiring rival Flexcar in an effort to head off competition. With the addition of Flexcar's business, Zipcar extends to approximately 5,000 vehicles and 180,000 members. The hope is this will let them compete with the big name operators, such as Enterprise and U-Haul, which… » 11/01/07 11:00am 11/01/07 11:00am

Hertz To Rent Cars By The Hour... Wink, Wink... Nudge, Nudge

America's number-two car company, Hertz, has announced that it will start offering hourly car rental service at three locations in Manhattan starting today. Hertz will be the first of the major rental companies to offer the service, charging as little as $12 in some cases. This is obviously a move to compete with… » 4/17/07 3:00pm 4/17/07 3:00pm

Stop Snitchin': Zipcar Taggers Rat Out Taggers

Five graffiti artists, including three from Europe, were busted in Boston this weekend for "conspiracy to tag" subway cars and various other public items in the run up to a massive underground naked graffiti party. This wouldn't be particularly newsworthy except for the fact that this international group of taggers… » 2/12/07 1:01pm 2/12/07 1:01pm

Ikea and Zipcar Get All Bostonian

While Philly may stand immortal as the East Coast's City of Brotherly Love, Beantown's vying hard for the City of Corporate Synergy title. Swedish furnishings despot Ikea and share-the-weath auto-leaser Zipcar have teamed up to give urban Boston dwellers a shot at the Rotera, the Ektorp and other oddly-named items… » 12/13/05 3:07pm 12/13/05 3:07pm

Collegiate Car-Sharing Action

Man, this would've come in handy when we were stuck carless for a semester at a liberal-arts college close to everything but decent public transit the six-year-old Zipcar auto-sharing company has inked deals with colleges including Brown, Rutgers, U Minn and U Mass-Boston, giving students, staff and faculty an… » 12/05/05 5:22pm 12/05/05 5:22pm