Stop Snitchin': Zipcar Taggers Rat Out Taggers

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Five graffiti artists, including three from Europe, were busted in Boston this weekend for "conspiracy to tag" subway cars and various other public items in the run up to a massive underground naked graffiti party. This wouldn't be particularly newsworthy except for the fact that this international group of taggers were running around in a Zipcar. Though covered in paint, they claimed they were just looking for a place to eat in the middle of the night. Unfortunately for them, the GPS device in the Zipcar was on the hapless and clueless lawbreakers brought with them and police were able to trace the group to several incidents of graffiti. Fortunately for them, the cops didn't freak out and shut down the city at the sight of unsolicited public art this time. Let this be a lesson: if you're going to rent a car for a crime spree... Enterprise will pick you up and won't follow your every move. Zipcar makes a great choice because of its affordability...and really...has nothing to do with this obviously gadget-heavy story.


Artsy suspects busted on eve of graffiti confab [Boston Herald via Winding Road]

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What the hell is a Zipcar?