Also On Craigslist, Conan O'Brien's Old Volkswagen For $95K

Joining The Tonight Show on Craigslist is a person claiming to have Conan's high school era 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI. The price? A Pope Car-like $95,000. And good news, according to the poster it runs "like a raped ape." » 1/18/10 1:00pm 1/18/10 1:00pm

VW Rabbit Most Queer-ied Car In First Quarter, 2009

Gay car shoppers are most buy-curious about the Volkswagen Rabbit, according to the quarterly survey of most-researched new vehicles on In fact, VW/Audi products make up 60% of the top five searches. » 4/23/09 1:00pm 4/23/09 1:00pm

Rabbit-Based Jet Car May Be Prototype Homer

We're not really sure what this is, and the anonymous submitter who was kind enough to send it in can't tell us much either. What we do know is this futuristic interpretation of the Homer » 9/09/08 3:20pm 9/09/08 3:20pm is part and was found near Huntsville, Alabama, aka "Rocket City" and home to the Marshall Space Flight Center and Redstone Arsenal. …

Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion Diesel Claims 62 MPG Without Fancy Electric …

The new Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion Diesel claims to return 62 MPG (US); in comparison, when measured using the same European combined cycle, the 2008 Toyota Prius gets 54 MPG. That's right: Using nothing but a thrifty diesel engine, low-rolling resistance tires, a revised gearbox and minor aerodynamic improvements, the … » 9/08/08 9:30am 9/08/08 9:30am

New VW Golf Gets Officially Official

The slow trickle of information on the new VW Golf has now become a deluge with VW releasing official information on the German Rabbit. We've already heard what the European pricing will be, and now, thanks to the press release, we can see the turbodiesel engine range will have common-rail direct-injection and be… » 8/06/08 10:45am 8/06/08 10:45am

Second Tandem Axle Rabbitamino Discovered, They're Breeding

While woefully lacking in the mid mounted 500 cubic inch Cadillac engine and scissor doors department the first tandem axle VW Caddy we discovered had, this one succeeds in another area - it's an actual Rabbitamino. If you look carefully at the hind end of this one, you can see the telltale signs pointing out this… » 5/22/08 10:00am 5/22/08 10:00am

1980 VW Rabbit Limo For Sale, No, We Aren't Kidding

If ever there was a project hellish enough to merit actual purchase consideration based solely on the novelty of the car in question, this Volkswagen Rabbit Limo is right up there. Just reading the description you can almost feel the flames of hell licking at this guy as he tries to convince someone to purchase a… » 5/06/08 11:20am 5/06/08 11:20am

VW Golf TDI Hybrid Combines Best Of Both Worlds

Nowadays it's easy to forget that diesel is good for more than just massive torque. Remember? Diesels get great fuel economy too. And in case you're not impressed by a 'normal' diesel like the Euro-spec Honda Civic, VW has decided to make a diesel hybrid. VW has combined a turbocharged 75 HP 3-cylinder diesel, a 27 HP… » 3/03/08 11:20am 3/03/08 11:20am