Also On Craigslist, Conan O'Brien's Old Volkswagen For $95K

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Joining The Tonight Show on Craigslist is a person claiming to have Conan's high school era 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI. The price? A Pope Car-like $95,000. And good news, according to the poster it runs "like a raped ape."

Here's all the listing says:

This sale is for a 1984 VW Rabbit GTI that was owned by Conan O'brien while he was in high school. It has 210k on the clock and runs like a raped ape.


Given even a primo example of a GTI only goes for around $7K it's fair to assume this high-mileage example, despite primate-violating performance, is only going for sale at this price because of the association with the more-popular-than-ever late night host.

There are no photos or details verifying that this car did in fact belong to Conan, though the Rabbit GTI was an early example of a cheap car with great performance, much like the Taurus SHO he still owns.


Unless Conan scribbled "Zucker Blows" on the dashboard this particular GTI, however fast, is being sold at the height of a ridiculous market and therefore probably not a great investment. (Hat tip to Tom!)


UPDATE: Maymar points out Conan seems to have graduated from High School in 1981, making us even more dubious about this.


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Don't believe it. I've acquired a photo of the engine bay: this was Conan O'Brain's GTI...not Conan O'Brian's. The owner may also have been a zombie.