VW Golf TDI Hybrid Combines Best Of Both Worlds

Nowadays it's easy to forget that diesel is good for more than just massive torque. Remember? Diesels get great fuel economy too. And in case you're not impressed by a 'normal' diesel like the Euro-spec Honda Civic, VW has decided to make a diesel hybrid. VW has combined a turbocharged 75 HP 3-cylinder diesel, a 27 HP electric motor with a trunk-mounted NiMH battery, and a 7-speed DSG. The result should be an average of 3.4L/100km (69 mpg).


The VW is capable of driving either totally on electric or diesel power (or obviously a combination of both). A stop/start system shuts down the engine when sitting in city traffic. And to further charge the batteries there is a regenerative braking system. [Auto Bild via German Car Blog]

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