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Second Tandem Axle Rabbitamino Discovered, They're Breeding

Illustration for article titled Second Tandem Axle Rabbitamino Discovered, Theyre Breeding

While woefully lacking in the mid mounted 500 cubic inch Cadillac engine and scissor doors department the first tandem axle VW Caddy we discovered had, this one succeeds in another area - it's an actual Rabbitamino. If you look carefully at the hind end of this one, you can see the telltale signs pointing out this started life as a VW Rabbit and was chopped up into the masterpiece you see today. We're also digging the extra clean super-long wheel well and cool canvas bed cap. Unfortunately, this came from actual photographs in the Hemmings archives so you know all we know, still, this would make a kick-ass motorcycle carrier.


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Jeff Glucker

@maxforrest32: just a plan to keep you sticking around... (re: the stars)

Can we get other shapes as well? Moons, hearts, clovers, etc, etc?