A Tractor Company Made The Subaru Wagon Of The Future In 1965

Some general technical descriptions of cars are so associated with a particular company, it’s hard to imagine them existing in any other context. A four-wheel drive wagon with a flat-four front-mounted engine is hard to picture with any badge other than Subaru, right? That’s why it’s so weird this car was essentially… »10/15/15 5:25pm10/15/15 5:25pm


Porsche Junior Is My New Favorite Nürburgring Nordschleife Conquerer

What, you thought I was talking about a Porsche Junior driver? No, no. I love Carrera Cup as much as the next 911 fanatic, but think older. I don’t know if it’s the jet lag or what, but there’s nothing funnier in the world right now than Walter Röhrl setting a Nordschleife lap with the Porsche Junior tractor.
»8/29/15 12:51am8/29/15 12:51am

How Chinese Workers Transport A Utility Pole Without A Truck

Most of us are so brainwashed by the powerful truck-usage lobbies that we can't even consider any other options to moving things. Got a huge utility pole to move? Then you need a truck, right? But consider this: maybe you don't. This bunch of clever utility workers in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province of China sure as hell… »6/04/12 2:00pm6/04/12 2:00pm