John McCain Thinks We'll Have 100-Mile-Per-Charge Batteries By Election?

So we had the Today Show on in the background this morning while getting ready to run over to NPR when we heard some story about gas prices. We glanced up and noticed a guy who looked exactly like John McCain talking to Matt Lauer. We mean, it looked like McCain, it sounded like McCain — he even moved his cheeks like… »6/11/08 10:20am6/11/08 10:20am

Josh Duhamel Looks Embarrassed Talking About Transformers On Today Show

It's always kind of embarrassing to me watching people with no idea about Transformers trying to talk about them as though they do know what they are. Like really, anyone on the Today Show. They had Josh "I Drive Ironhide" Duhamel on this morning to talk Transformers and even Duhamel looked embarrassed as Al Roker… »6/12/07 9:10am6/12/07 9:10am

Today Show Highlights The Perils Of Driving In China; David Gregory Thinks All Of Asia Looks Alike

NBC's Today Show tells us this morning China's getting an extra 2,000 cars per day on city streets as the Socialist republic becomes more and more like the United States every day. One other problem they face similar to us? Nobody knows how to drive. As you'd expect it's causing 300 to 600 people being killed each… »4/23/07 9:29am4/23/07 9:29am

Today Show Heads To Michigan To Cover...The New York Auto Show?

Not only did NBC head to Dearborn, MI to cover the New York Auto Show because apparently there's just not enough cars in the city that's big, red and delicious to do coverage right, they also managed to find a male FoMoCo engineer willing to don an "empathy belly" on TV. We salute you, Eero Laansoo, for not only… »4/06/07 2:44pm4/06/07 2:44pm

The Today Show's Looking For Hot Fun In The Summer Time; Drops The Top On Four Convertibles

NBC's Today Show took a few minutes on Monday to talk about the hot temperatures — and some hot convertibles. They brought out Car & Driver Editor-in-Chief Csaba Csere — driving out a Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500, a Saturn Sky, a Volvo C70 with a bit of a hard- on top for Anne Cury to drive, and finally a Lambo Gallardo… »7/19/06 11:49am7/19/06 11:49am

Toyota's As American As Apple Pie: So Sayeth the 'Today Show'

The 'Today Show' ran a nice little piece this morning on the "fact" that foreign automakers are just as "American" as can be — and yet again we're wondering if the mainstream media ever does their homework on these pieces or if they do — what's their litmus test for what makes a company "American." We feel like… »6/14/06 1:14pm6/14/06 1:14pm