Boston Globe Bullies TomTom

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Hey Jeffrey Krasner of the Boston Globe, I have some beef with you. In your recent column, you decided to give a TomTom GPS navigation unit the most obscure addresses in the city of Boston and blast the device when it is unable correctly direct you to your destinations. Do you not realize your TomTom GPS unit isn't a magical device capable of transporting you to exact locations?


Oh, you think it is funny to watch TomTom encounter two trucks in the street, then blast the hardworking device for not being able to make them move? Come on, Jeffy-boy, GPS units do the best they can to navigate you around town. Stop bullying TomTom! All it's doing is trying to help. At this point, I would suggest that you give up altogether on what you obviously believe is a deeply flawed world of GPS navigation and go back to paper maps and asking for directions.

So back off of TomTom or I'll get my gang—consisting of Garmin, Magellan and others—to come beat you up. Okay? Okay. [Boston Globe]

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Jeff Glucker

Go down to tha cornah... ask fah Sully... He knows how to get to the Dunkin' Donuts in Summaville, when you get thayr ask for Smitty... He will then point you in tha direction of the closets Bobs Sportin Goods. Inside is a gal named Erin O'Malley, I tried to bang her once but she said no way bub, not drunk enough tonight fah you!... anyway, she can tell you where the best chowdah in the city is... good luck pal.