We Told You Not To Hack The Electronic Road Signs, Didn't We?

Transportation officials in Texas are "scrambling" to stop the "hacking electronic traffic signs" threat. Didn't we tell you not to play with the electronic road signs? This is why we can't have anything nice.

NBC's Today Show is all over the hacking electronic road signs story, saying officials in Texas are now "scrambling" to protect electronic road signs from the threat of hackers trying to warn us about the hordes of zombies ahead. We told you yesterday not to play with the electronic road signs.

Still, we're proud of you guys — mostly because it's the first time we've seen the zombie meme making it to the mainstream media. And the Today Show no less. Yay internets!

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I knew I should have gone out into the Zombie hordes last night to warn everyone.

Now the DOT will put master locks on all their gear, and the zombies will rule the night without warning.

Really, though, once anything hits the net, the fun's over for the rest of us.