Watch Legend Tiff Needell Spank My Wife's Scion Around A Track

Tiff Needell is a man used to driving some very serious, very fast cars. It's amazing to watch him in action. But everyone's probably getting pretty sick of seeing him drive finely-tuned, expensive sports cars all the time, right? It's time he took something else on the track. Something that looks more like a washing… »4/22/13 12:40pm4/22/13 12:40pm

This tiny blonde saved Tiff Needell from a mugging

Fifth Gear presenter Tiff Needell nearly lost an expensive Swiss watch to a trio of muggers. That is, until a five-foot-tall — 5'5" in stilettos — blonde packing a sharp heel and fists of fury stepped in. Lindsay Orridge, a marketing manager for Ford Motorsport, attacked the muggers and sent them scurrying, saving… »12/09/11 2:00pm12/09/11 2:00pm

Tiff Needell Teases Us With Bugatti Veyron Convertible In New Fifth Gear Episode?

Although not as hot as our fave motoring show, Fifth Gear's still a damn sight better than anything we've got over here on this side of the pond. Case in point would be Tiff Needell's tour of the Bugatti plant in the newest episode of the #2 UK driving show. No US show would ever have the guts to drop into an… »9/04/07 9:19am9/04/07 9:19am

A Few of Our Favorite Things: Smoke, Supercars and Tiff Needell

If by the 12-second mark this isn't your favorite video then Jalopnik isn't the site for you. Head over to [CENSORED] — they'll have tons of stuff that will float your boat right up your alley. We apologize for the shit soundtrack in advance — why on earth the jokers that pieced this excellent example of all my… »5/09/07 1:00pm5/09/07 1:00pm