Watch An Ex-F1 Driver In A V8 Pickup Dominate At A Track Day

Tiff Needell is no ordinary driver, but then a Vauxhall Maloo VXR8 is no ordinary ute. The former has raced in Formula One, the latter has a supercharged Chevy LSA V8 good for 537bhp. Together they’re good enough to pass nearly everything else on track.


Tiff shot this for EVO at a track day at Silverstone and took care of every other road car on the circuit. The only cars that made their way past were race cars on slick tires, including a brand new GT3-spec Lamborghini Huracan, stripped and caged and FIA-approved. Even then, Tiff can stay with the Lambo on a technical set of turns.

The affair isn’t quite as ridiculous as the time some guy brought an actual ex-F1 car to a trackday, but it’s still righteous.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


read headline. pictured this

then saw a ute instead...