The Stig does extreme donuts in a London Taxi

In many ways, The Stig is like Santa Claus. So is this driver doing insane donuts in a modified London Taxi Cab as part of the Top Gear Festival 2011 really THE Stig or a similarly skilled driver in Stig clothing? Do we care? The spirit is in him.


Also, as far as we can tell, that isn't someone dressed as Tiff Needell, that's actually Tiff Needell.

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London Taxi

A wolf in sheep's clothing, every petrol head's dream. How cool would it be to sit at the traffic lights in an old London taxi to launch it into a four second nought to sixty from a standing start and three donuts before you reach the next set of traffic lights with a paying customer sitting in the back. Well it is possible with the MPH 08 London Taxi.

SHP Engineering took a Mitsubishi EVO 9 with fifteen hundred miles on the clock pinned it to a surface plate, removed everything with the exception of the front bulkhead from the floor pan up then reversed this operation with a London Black Cab so it sat on top of the EVO 9 finally we filled in all the gaps.

Through SHP Engineering's innovative team using their skills, the attention to the finer details makes this vehicle amazing.

Only a visit to the SHP photo gallery can justify what was involved in this project.

It is not just an EVO 9 London Taxi. The level of component specification added to this vehicle makes it very unique.