A couple of other guys on set hopped in with him for the first lap because, come on, when else is this going to happen? I got a bit of video from outside, where it was absolutely hilarious to watch this refrigerator-looking car lean into turns and slide around corners like a possessed deep freezer.


Then it was my turn to get in. I have the dashcam video, but what that doesn't convey is the full-body feeling that at any moment the car was going to flip right the fuck over. Tiff wasn't worried at all, grinning like a loon as he Scandinavian Flicked the wheel to "unsettle" the car, sending the rear half swinging around while the whole upper half of the car waved and weaved like a huge wedding cake carried by drunk clowns.

Tiff actually said the car was a lot of fun, and despite his not being able to find the traction control "off" button, I think he meant it. Or was just being nice. I had a blast in the car, even if the sensation of being in a box three times the height of a proper racing car while a tall, lanky man, doing 80 in a curve, yanks the wheel with evil glee was a bit disconcerting. All things considered, I think the little box comported itself quite well.


Afterwards I had this exchange with the other guys who went on a lap with him in the xB:

Me: I felt like we were going to tip over!

Other Guys: That's what we thought, too!

Tiff: I never even got it on two wheels! You're all a bunch of bloody cowards!

I'm not saying that's not true, but it sure was good fun. So, thanks again Tiff, and nobody tell my wife how stupid this was. Thanks.