What To Do If Something Gets Stolen From Your Car While It's In The Shop

I have written previously about what to do if your car is damaged while in for service. The Garagekeeper Liability Act is the law in Michigan which shifts the burden onto the shop for damage that happens to your car while it is in their possession, and many states have similar statutes. But what about stuff stolen…

How Dealerships Steal Profit From Their Salespeople

I joked in a previous post about the desperate salesperson who says I’m losing money on this deal,but sometimes it is true. If you ever wondered why some dealers refuse to work with Internet shoppers or why the turnover rate is so high, here’s an insider’s take on how dealers “protect” their profit at the expense…


Car Dealers Had $7 Billion In Revenue From Finance And Insurance

When a dealer is getting really desperate to close the sale, my all time favorite line is, “Hey man, I’m losing money on this deal.” While it is rare that a dealer will ever sell a car at a loss, chances are they will make up for it in the finance office. Revenue from finance and insurance are at $7 billion dollars.

Here Come The Lawsuits Against The Awful Alabama Nissan Stealership

The upstanding individuals at Serra Nissan just can’t catch a break. First their employees pled guilty with a massive loan scheme, then prosecutors go after upper level employees for conspiracy and wire fraud. Now the dealership is facing a civil lawsuit that alleges customers were purchasing cars from a “criminal…