Florida Shop Crashes a Guy's Audi S4 But Wants His Insurance to Pay For It

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Screenshot: WESH 2 News

When Vince Hansen got the call that his beloved Audi S4 had been in an accident while a shop tech took it on a test drive, he wasn’t mad. He was sure that the dealer would cover the damage. But that’s not how things have played out.


“You know what, I wasn’t angry at him, accidents happen,” Hansen told WESH 2 News, describing how things were right after getting the call. Hansen had brought his Audi in for some upgrades at Titan Motorsports in Orlando and while he was signing the bill, he got the call that a dealer tech had hit another car.

The tech had reportedly made an illegal u-turn, for which he was determined at fault.

The rest seemed simple, but Titan Motorsports initially told Hansen that he should be the one to file the insurance claim, then followed up by not giving over Titan’s own insurance information when Hansen’s insurance company asked for it.

This is where things get extremely messed up, as WESH reports:

Nero Deliwala, the owner of Titan Motorsports, told WESH 2 News over the phone the contract Hansen signed releases Titan from responsibility for any damage that occurs when a car is in their possession.

“Our terms and conditions clearly state who’s responsible for the damage. I’m completely sympathetic towards Vince and the inconvenience it’s caused him. It was an accident and accidents happens,” Deliwala said.

WESH 2 News showed the contract Hansen signed to attorney Hank Hornsby.

“The autobody shop can make the argument that they are not responsible to pay for those damages. Which really brings us to a consumer beware. Before you leave something at an auto body shop, be sure you know what you’re signing away,” Hornsby said.

Titan is a big name shop in the world of extremely, extremely fast modified cars, particularly Nissan GT-Rs with four-figure horsepower numbers and similarly powerful Supras. And I get why there would be a clause releasing Titan from responsibility.

A shop like Titan can’t know everything that is going on with a person’s car, and who knows if some unrelated part my fail while it’s under Titan’s care. But with this so clearly being a Titan employee screwing up, you would think Hansen would be in the clear. No matter how this shakes out, in court or otherwise, this seems extremely messed up.


Jalopnik has reached out to Titan Motorsports and will update when we hear back.



I was always under the impression that those signs in valet lots and impound lots and at auto shops and whatnot that say “we are not liable, yadda yadda yadda” don’t actually hold any water from a legal standpoint. That’s what I was always told, anyway. Or at least what I’ve read online before.

I that wrong? Or is the lawyer also a “Florida Guy” with no idea what he’s talking about.