This Insane Rocket Is Why The Soviet Union Never Made It To The Moon

Americans tend to talk a lot about the Space Race and how we made it to the Moon and we were first and no one else was second because we are the best. It's put into context by the fact that the Soviet satellite Sputnik was the first in space, but by the time we get around to discussing the moon landings no one mentions … » 10/19/13 1:06pm 10/19/13 1:06pm

Inside an abandoned Siberian Soviet military factory

This thing? I found it inside an abandoned square-mile Soviet-era military factory in Siberia. It would have worn a gas mask to help illustrate to workers proper safety protocols upon nuclear war with America. Now, it's just another artifact of the USSR's once mighty military machine. » 12/07/11 2:30pm 12/07/11 2:30pm

A frying pan steering wheel: The best of homemade Soviet cars

In Soviet-era Russia, families needing transportation lined up at the car office, filled out their paperwork and waited up to six years for their wheels to arrive. Many chose to instead spend those years building their own cars, from iron-clad sports cars to pods with a frying pan for a steering wheel. Here's some of… » 9/21/11 12:00pm 9/21/11 12:00pm

NATO Meets Warsaw Pact In Copenhagen: Land Rover and UAZ-469!

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we admire interesting street-parked cars in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. We've already seen a WW2 vet on the Copenhagen street, and now it's the Cold War's turn. » 1/24/10 1:00pm 1/24/10 1:00pm

Capitalism Takes On Communism In Ohio: 1961 Cadillac Versus Lada…

The Lamest Day takes place at Nelson Ledges next weekend, and it will feature the best all-time Index Of Effluency matchup in 24 Hours Of LeMons history: a Soviet car taking on a finned Caddy! » 9/27/09 12:00pm 9/27/09 12:00pm

GAZ Volga 24-10 Brings Glasnost To Los Angeles

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the Island That Rust Forgot. Anything is possible, even a Volga in Southern California! » 3/28/09 4:30pm 3/28/09 4:30pm

Cars Of The Soviet Union: The Definitive History, by Andy Thompson

Whether you're wrenching on a flying Spitfire or a leaking Spitfire, Haynes has a shop manual for you. Very useful, but hardly the sort of thing you'd keep on your coffee table. » 3/28/09 2:00pm 3/28/09 2:00pm

Toronto Resident Rides Like A Politburo Big Chief In His GAZ Tchaika 14

This is Down On The Street Bonus Edition » 11/25/08 4:00pm 11/25/08 4:00pm, where we check out interesting street-parked cars located in places other than the . Today we're heading back to Toronto, a city that's given us all manner of interesting old iron in the past, from the to . has found one of the rarest machines of them all, a Gorbachev-grade…

Comrades! All Hail The First-Ever Soviet 24 Hours Of LeMons Car!

You know what's been missing from all the 24 Hours Of LeMons races so far? That's right- Soviet-made cars! » 11/11/08 3:00pm 11/11/08 3:00pm It's been tough watching all those races without the accomplishments of Lenin, Stalin, being represented on the track, but that's all going to change at the Detroit event next year, because has braved the wilds …

Project Car Hell, Cold War Edition: Dodge Power Wagon Town Wagon or…

Welcome to Project Car Hell » 10/16/08 5:20pm 10/16/08 5:20pm, where you choose your eternity by selecting the project that's the coolest... and the most hellish! In our last foray into the Burning Garage O'Pain™, the by a 53% to 47% poll split. We've had unifying vehicular themes for most of our Hell Challenges recently, but sometimes you need to…