Diecast Toy Car Of The Day: GAZ-3102 Volga

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We'd all love an obsessively detailed 1:18 scale Volvo 240 coupe on our desks, of course, but no collection of automotive tchotchkes is complete without some Soviet iron!

It's true that most folks prefer the Stalin-era lines of the classic GAZ-21 Volga, but the Late Brezhnev Soviet Malaise Era appeal of the boxy GAZ-3102 (which is still being manufactured today) will bring the Evil Empire Motor City right into your office! Its 1:43 scale size means you can fit more toy cars on your desk, which you'll need as soon as someone makes a diecast Pontiac Aztek.


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I've got two models of the M24 (one as a GAI patrol car, one as a taxi), but I had never seen the 3102 version, which is arguably cooler.

Apparently, the only reason they built that variant so long is that its engine bay could accommodate the big Chaika and ZMZ V8 engines for special-order government fleet cars, whereas newer versions of the 2401-series, with their reshaped front sheetmetal, could not.