Diecast Toy Car Of The Day: Volvo 240 Coupe!

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I've been admiring the 1:24 scale 1969 Dan Gurney Special Mercury Cyclone I got as a bribe from a LeMons team all week. It looks good next to my '79 Chrysler Town & Country, but something is missing...


Yes, a 1:18 scale Volvo 240 Turbo, made by AUTOart Models, would be just the thing to go with my automotive tchotchke collection. So, if you're on a 24 Hours of LeMons team and you're running a cheaty-ass Miata or E30, you know what to give the mean ol' judge!



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The quality is what I've come to expect from AUTOart. In the interest of shelf space, I try to keep my model cars of the 1:43 scale, thus the detail is far less than that of a 1:18 car, but the detail of the AUTOart Legacy GT wagon in my collection is equal to or better than my (2) M-Tech MR2s and Vitesse Spitfire, and far better than my AHC Maxima or my Corgi XJ-S.

The Volvo is very cool, but it doesn't fit my collection, so that saves me $140.