Skoda Yeti Xtreme Brings Much-Needed Badassity To Micro SUVs

Skoda is bringing a sweet "Xtreme" version of the Yeti SUV to Volkswagen's big gathering in Wörthersee, which harkens to those wild 90's beach car concepts we lusted after on cereal boxes. Don't let your RAV4 hang around it or she'll come home with a Gatorade-green tramp stamp tattoo. » 5/23/14 6:42pm 5/23/14 6:42pm

Badass UK Skoda Dealers Named Top Retailers Of 2013, Hell Yes

Listen, fools: when you sell Skodas for a living, you can't just wait for them to magically fly off the lot. You have to get in the game and tear it up. That's what these three UK Skoda dealers did, and that's why they were given the Retailer of the Year Awards in Edinburgh. You're not ready for their next-level shit! » 4/01/14 1:30pm 4/01/14 1:30pm