People who drive fast, license-less or drunk don’t like to wear seat belts

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration conducted an analysis of fatality data to determine if there was a relationship between a driver’s seat belt use, known as restrained (buckled) and unrestrained (idiot / not buckled), and factors such as blood alcohol concentration (BAC), age, license status,… »10/18/13 9:36am10/18/13 9:36am


Tiddy Bear Reduces Seat Belt-Induced Breast Irritation, Makes Jalopnik Editors Jealous

Does your wife complain about the pressure from her shoulder belt? Does your husband? Maybe the "Tiddy Bear" can help. Yes, folks — the "Tiddy Bear" — it clips onto your shoulder strap and slides up and down for complete comfort. Wait, who are we kidding? This thing is ridiculous. In fact, it's even earned a permanent… »2/01/08 12:31pm2/01/08 12:31pm

State of Michigan Seatbelt Campaign Nets $370K For Government Coffers

The various police organizations that make up the net of social control protective embrace across the great state that looks like a hand and some kind of other, bigger and weirdly shaped hand made a cool $370K from a two-week seatbelt crackdown ending June 3rd. The campaign cost $800,000 in federal safety funds to pay… »6/11/07 1:45pm6/11/07 1:45pm

Buckle It, Bubba: Rural, Pickup-Driving Men Least Likely to Use Seat Belts

According to the guv'ment, young men who live in rural areas and drive pickups are among the least likely to use safety belts, putting them at greater risk for serious injury or death in a crash. Part of the problem, the survey found, is that the Revenuers hardly ever give those good ol' boys a chance to buckle up… »5/15/06 10:55am5/15/06 10:55am