How San Francisco Plans to Use Self-Driving Cars to Fix Its Housing Crisis

For a minute, try to forget the hype you hear about self-driving cars and think about the single-occupant, human-driven vehicle like this: A very inefficient way to use expensive city land. Not only do extra-wide roads take up a lot of space, there’s far too much property allocated to parking—about 20 percent of the…


A Sheriff's Deputy May Be The Leader Of Those San Francisco Stunters

You would think that, by now, members of police forces all over the country have been in dozens of “Guys, we need to stop getting caught with our pants down” seminars. Apparently that’s not the case in the Bay Area, where the leader of a group of dirtbike riders notorious for pulling stunts on city streets has been…

The Drivers of SF's Tech Buses Are Paid So Little They're Forced to Live in Cars

The buses that shuttle San Francisco tech workers to and from their Silicon Valley jobs each day have been blamed for displacing longtime residents. In a heartbreaking twist, the drivers of those buses are paid so little that they, too, have been priced out of San Francisco–and some of them must live in their cars.