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Formula E Wants A Feeder Series That Isn't Formula One

Illustration for article titled Formula E Wants A Feeder Series That Isnt Formula One

According to Formula E Zone, Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag realizes that his series is somewhat of a retirement home for ex-Formula One drivers at the moment. To remedy this, they'd love to see a feeder series into Formula E in the future.


"Retirement home" is a bit of a misnomer, as drivers as young as 22 are making their way into Formula E due to the fubar'd financial situation in Formula One right now. Still, Agag realizes that the series feels like the end of the road, when it should be one of many options.


"Formula E is not in the same ladder that helps drivers get into Formula One as the style of driving is totally different," explained Agag to Formula E Zone. "At the moment, Formula E is at the top of our pyramid, but there is nothing behind us at the moment, but there will be one day. We already have electric go karts and there will be racing series behind Formula E that will be fully electric."

Formula E Zone thinks that not all of the feeder series could fit into one race weekend, so some would have to take place on permanent racing circuits instead of Formula E's street courses. It would be fun to see completely electric cars take on some of the more challenging circuits in the world, so I'm more than fine with that idea.

Agag argues that this would make Formula E's ladder yet another option when it comes to getting into open-wheel racing, not unlike GP3, GP2 or Indy Lights. He'd rather see it become a step before F1, not the step afterwards. It's less expensive to drive in Formula E than in many other open-wheel series, so this could work.


The series is also considering adding a San Francisco date as it grows.

"We are talking to people in San Francisco and we would love to have a race there. We are looking at areas that we could race, as after the Americas Cup there are some places that we can race and put down a paddock," Agag told Formula E Zone.


Fortunately for Formula E, Agag says that San Francisco is one of 180 cities who have requested to host a race. I don't think they'll have any issues finding space for a feeder series.


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Am I the only person who wants to see WTCC-E? It could be filled with Leafs and Teslas!