World's Meanest Cordoba Makes Corinthian Leather From Your Flesh!

It's got a 360. It's got glasspacks. It's got dogdish hubcaps. It's got a huge skull painted on the hood. In other words, it's fully optioned! This is the car designed for Ricardo Montalban's evil twin brother, Raul, who was serving 10-to-20 for manslaughter in a Madrid jail cell while Ricardo pitched the nice » 4/15/08 8:00am 4/15/08 8:00am

Computers Are Better Than Soft Corinthian Leather!

We're pretty sure the movie TRON had some influence on this ad for the 1983 Chrysler E Class cars. You get lasers building the cars, a computer voice that gargles out phrases such as "All monitored systems are functioning," and it goes without saying that you get Ricardo Montalban to tell you about it! Say, when's… » 12/21/07 11:00am 12/21/07 11:00am

Today Is International Corinthian Leather Day!

We make a lot of Chrysler Cordoba/Corinthian Leather jokes around here, but it occurs to us that perhaps some of our younger readers have never experienced the 1975 Cordoba ad that started it all. We hereby declare today International Corinthian Leather Day! All of you must use your cheesiest Ricardo Montalban… » 9/04/07 11:00am 9/04/07 11:00am