Commenter Of The Day: Happy Birthday Ricardo Montalbán Edition

Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán, America's favorite Mexican actor of the 1970s, turned 88 today and we'd like to take this COTD opportunity to wish him a happy birthday. Few actors from the era have their own Jalopnik tag page, but here it is »11/25/08 6:00pm11/25/08 6:00pm. Thanks to this now infamous , every Cordoba post we do requires a and…

Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: Immaculate '77 Cordoba For 7900 Bucks?

Fully 82% of you felt that the $8,995 Cadillac Cimarron »9/22/08 8:15am9/22/08 8:15am was priced way too high, so we're going to make the choice more challenging this time. What would you say to a 70,000-mile, extremely original 1977 Chrysler Cordoba with all the options, Soft Corinthian Leather, and "Coffee Sunfire Metallic" paint? Thing is, the…

In Cordoba, I Have What I Need: Soft Corinthian Leather... And DESTRUCTION!

Is it possible to have too many Cordoba posts? Never! »9/04/08 4:20pm9/04/08 4:20pm After in an Integra, in a Sentra SE-R, and in a soapbox derby championship race, Krider Racing is now channeling Ricardo Montalban and campaigning a '76 Chrysler Cordoba demolition derby car! They competed in the California State Demolition Derby Championship…

World's Meanest Cordoba Makes Corinthian Leather From Your Flesh!

It's got a 360. It's got glasspacks. It's got dogdish hubcaps. It's got a huge skull painted on the hood. In other words, it's fully optioned! This is the car designed for Ricardo Montalban's evil twin brother, Raul, who was serving 10-to-20 for manslaughter in a Madrid jail cell while Ricardo pitched the nice »4/15/08 8:00am4/15/08 8:00am

Computers Are Better Than Soft Corinthian Leather!

We're pretty sure the movie TRON had some influence on this ad for the 1983 Chrysler E Class cars. You get lasers building the cars, a computer voice that gargles out phrases such as "All monitored systems are functioning," and it goes without saying that you get Ricardo Montalban to tell you about it! Say, when's… »12/21/07 11:00am12/21/07 11:00am