In Cordoba, I Have What I Need: Soft Corinthian Leather... And DESTRUCTION!

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Is it possible to have too many Cordoba posts? Never! After winning the 24 Hours Of LeMons SF '08 in an Integra, placing fifth at the '07 Arse-Freeze-A-Pa-Looza LeMons in a Sentra SE-R, and taking on a 24 Hours Of Le Mans team in a soapbox derby championship race, Krider Racing is now channeling Ricardo Montalban and campaigning a '76 Chrysler Cordoba demolition derby car! They competed in the California State Demolition Derby Championship last month; make the jump to see all the photos and read the latest KR adventures.

No, this skip loader ripping on the front bumper of this Chrysler Cordoba is the not the “People’s Curse” from the 24 Hours of LeMons. However, this is Krider Racing, the 24 Hours of LeMons Altamont 2008 Champions getting some “People’s Assistance” on their Destruction Derby car. The skip loader is trying to pull the frame away from the steering box which was jammed after an ugly head on collision with an Imperial at the California Fair Destruction Derby State Championships. Rob Krider said, racing with 90 cars on a small track in LeMons taught him how to take a hit. So the team thought they would try a destruction derby where hitting would be mandatory as opposed to punishable by tar and feathering -like at LeMons. Using some questionable election funds from the “Jim Krider for Napa City Council” campaign they welded in a box cage, put a boat gas tank behind the Corinthian leather driver’s seat (seemed like a good spot) tossed a little HP 234 oil additive in the motor and off they went. They came home from the State Championship as heat winners, picking up some cash, a trophy and a sore neck. They qualified for the main event but were never able to yank the frame away from the steering box (the car was stuck turning permanent left). Third Street Auto Repair in Napa, California helped them put the car together (which means they taught Krider Racing how to “Smokey Yunick” a derby car). Why a Chrysler Cordoba? (The classic yet sporty transportation of choice for old ladies to go from hair appointments to bingo tournaments in the late seventies) Because the Krider Racing LeMons winning Acura Integra wouldn’t have even lasted through the destruction derby parade lap.
We can't have a Cordoba post without seeing The Legend, can we? Hell no!

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Raphael Orlove

God I love California. Well, at least the North part.