Exclusive: Details Leak On "Warp" Optioned RENNtech Mercedes SL65

The Cold War may be over but the ongoing battle between Mercedes-tuning shops BRABUS »11/13/08 3:30pm11/13/08 3:30pm and continues to heat up. We've all seen this war of HP — BRABUS releases photos of their . Later that day RENNtech releases their tuned . Next, RENNtech tunes an and throws in track time. Later in the week, BRABUS tunes their and…

Inside The RENNTech GLK350 SPEC.R HYBRID Rally-Inspired SEMA Racer

There's something a little insane about getting handed a Mercedes-Benz GLK hybrid »11/03/08 1:00pm11/03/08 1:00pm for a build and, instead of creating a lowered and overly-painted custom, trying to duplicate a Pike's Peak Unlimited Class rally racer. But it's that insanity that has always made one of the most entertaining tuning shops out there.…

RENNTech Prepping Rally-Inspired Mercedes GLK Hybrid For SEMA

RENNTech »10/22/08 3:20pm10/22/08 3:20pm is known for tweaking Mercedes' best into fire-breathing bundles of badass, and they're preparing something interesting for this year's show. The RENNTech Rally Racer is said to be inspired by runners in the annual Pikes Peak climb and marks RENNTech's first foray into modding hybrids. We'll just have to…

RENNtech Mercedes-Benz 6.3 AMG, First Pictures And Details

The horsepower brokers over at RENNtech have turned their wrenches to the already powerful Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG »9/04/08 5:00pm9/04/08 5:00pm to create what they consider to be a fitting heir to the , appropriate given the name and the fact that latest C-Class has grown nearly to the size of that ultimate sedan. In order to achieve proper…

RENNtech SLR McLaren 722 PKG2 More Powerful, More Confusing

The RENNtech SLR McLaren 722 PKG2 is yet another RENNtech-tuned version of the Mercedes-Benz SLR, following in the large-horsepower footsteps of the Mercedes-Benz SLR 722 and the original RENNtech 722. The original upped power from the SLR's base 650 horses to 722 HP, thus reducing the confusion over the name (7:22 am… »6/24/08 3:30pm6/24/08 3:30pm

RENNtech Sends Us Funny Pictures, We Talk About Their Brakes

Apparently RENNtech has snagged themselves some genius advertising folks, because they sent us some pictures of their new and hugemongous 16.2" cross drilled and vented two piece front rotors - along with a P-shopped image of a Dominos Pizza for reference. The combination of breathtakingly huge rotors squeezed by… »4/29/08 11:20am4/29/08 11:20am

RENNtech Reveals 695 HP Monster Mercedes Tuning Package

Not wanting to get left behind in a world of 500 horsepower Euro-bruisers, RENNtech announced today its new "stage 3" kit designed to squeeze an impressive 695 horsepower and 895 lb-ft of torque out of the twin-turbo AMG V12. The kit uses a revised ECU, revised cooling system and other goodies to get as much usable… »1/29/08 12:00pm1/29/08 12:00pm