RennTECH G Wagen Concept: Torquezilla Cometh

Inspired by our 30 years of G-Wagens, the power mad folks at RennTECH sent us these exclusive renderings of a diesel G-Series concept they're considering for the future.

Rather than kit up another AMG G55 or convert another hybrid GLK into a rally racer, RennTECH is considering doing a turbodiesel verison of the celeb-fave G-Wagen. Currently, they don't offer a diesel version here in the States but the 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 from Mercedes is plentiful and puts out 376 lb.-ft. of torque. They could also opt for the non-BlueTEC euro version. Either way, expect a big increase in power.


These drawings by PlatuneDesign/RennTECH show the latest version of the Gelandewagen bulked up with huge wheels, a body kit wider than Jerome Bettis and more shiny metal than found in Paul Wall's mouth. Should it go into production, we expect it to star in Soulja Boy's next video or, quite possibly, in Bambi's nightmares.

[Source: RennTECH]

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