RENNTech Prepping Rally-Inspired Mercedes GLK Hybrid For SEMA

RENNTech is known for tweaking Mercedes' best into fire-breathing bundles of badass, and they're preparing something interesting for this year's SEMA show. The RENNTech Mercedes-Benz GLK Rally Racer is said to be inspired by runners in the annual Pikes Peak climb and marks RENNTech's first foray into modding hybrids. We'll just have to see what that means as far as capabilities go when they drop details to match these teaser images. If we were forced to like a compact luxury SUV, the GLK would probably take the nod, so we're actually intrigued by what RENNTech is cooking up.
[RENNTechMercedes, sneak peak videos at Mercedes, but be warned, the site is glacially slow]


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