We're Getting Worked Up About The Wrong R8

It Takes Five Dudes To Hold Back The Awesome Power Of A Renault 19

You "geniuses" out there in "Internet Land" think your Hellcat is so good with its burnouts and what not. But clearly, you have never witnessed the greatness that is the burnout from a small French hatchback. It is so brutal, so strong, so burnout, that it takes five fully grown men to hold it back. » 2/20/15 1:00pm 2/20/15 1:00pm

This 6x6 Renault 5 Is Le Nuts

I've always liked the rational, humble, and only slightly bonkers (for a French car) Renault 5, which we knew briefly in the US as the Le Car. Surprisingly, this little Gallic econobox has been raced at Dakar a few times, but only once in this truly mad hexapod version. Let's talk about that one. » 2/13/15 8:30pm 2/13/15 8:30pm

Watch A Showdown Between The Best Track Cars You Can Buy Right Now

If there's one thing Evo's Track Car of the Year 2014 video proves, it's that British car enthusiasts are the luckiest devils in the universe. » 2/12/15 8:00pm 2/12/15 8:00pm

The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Is The Most Interesting Digital Car Yet

While the Forza guys have the new Ford GT, the team behind Gran Turismo is busy creating more digital cars that know not silly boundaries like marketability or pedestrian safety regulations. Yet, Alpine's latest is the monoposto of our dreams with some hints of what's coming next year. » 1/28/15 8:50am 1/28/15 8:50am

Renault Trike With Opel Trailer Is The Wackiest Thing On Craigslist

I'm going to put this out here: this ride is the perfect family vehicle. As a man (or woman) with a few kids you still want to enjoy a thrilling ride, but need to sporadically haul around a bunch of screaming brats. » 12/22/14 9:27am 12/22/14 9:27am

Renault Is Working On A 2-Stroke 2-Cylinder Twin-Charged Diesel Engine

Following up on their rather interesting EOLAB hybrid concept, Renault plans to move forward by improving two existing technologies for next year, shedding weight from the electric motor and making a dual-fuel three-cylinder turbo more efficient. And they also have some far-fetched ideas for the future. » 12/16/14 6:30am 12/16/14 6:30am

Renault's Hottest Hatch Has The Sport Mode Engaged

Renaultsport built the Megane 275 Trophy to become the king of the Nürburgring again after Seat took its crown. The result is a family car with a titanium exhaust and a top speed of 158 mph. Bonkers! » 11/27/14 5:00pm 11/27/14 5:00pm

The World's First Minivan Is Not A Minivan Anymore

In 1984, Pierre Heymann's revolutionary design for a spacious family car was put into production by Matra for Renault, and the minivan was born. Thirty years later, the Espace turns into a crossover. » 9/25/14 7:55am 9/25/14 7:55am

This Is The Featherweight Future Of Subcompact Cars And It's Amazing

Take a good look at Renault's light and aerodynamic EOLAB hybrid concept, because it's innovations will make it into production very soon, maybe even as a Nissan. » 9/17/14 4:55pm 9/17/14 4:55pm

What's The Weirdest Ford Ever Built?

For decades now, Ford has been in an awkward second place in the American market. Coupled with strong and independent international wings, the company has turned out some weird vehicles. But what's the weirdest? » 9/10/14 9:23pm 9/10/14 9:23pm

The Renaultsport R.S. 01 Is The Mid-Engined GT-R You Always Wanted

The Nissan GT-R is all great and fine and dandy, but it's big, and heavy, and the engine is right up at the front. What you wanted was something sleek, something lightweight, and you wanted the engine in the middle, where it belongs. And it had to be French, for some reason. This is the Renaultsport R.S. 01. » 8/27/14 9:10am 8/27/14 9:10am

This Renault LeCar Van Is The Tiny French Sex Van You Deserve

The biggest problem with Le Car ownership has always been dealing with all the increased sexual appeal one gets when owning the car. Sex in the back of the conventional Le Car is usually too cramped and too exposed via those large windows. If only there was a solution! Guess what, pals: there is. » 8/26/14 2:50pm 8/26/14 2:50pm

Renault's New 500 Horsepower Race Car Sounds Pretty Kickass

Renault is so hot right now. Just a few days ago their Megane RS 275 Trophy-R just set the Nurburgring record for a FWD car at 7 minutes 54 seconds, and now they've dropped this bomb. They're launching a 500+ horsepower race car called the Renault Sport Trophy. So hot. » 6/20/14 11:42am 6/20/14 11:42am

Another Front-Wheel Drive Hatchback Just Broke 8 Minutes At The 'Ring

Back in March, the Seat Leon Cupra 280 became the front-wheel drive car to shatter the eight minute lap time at the Nürburgring. Its victory was short-lived. Renault announced today that their Megane RS 275 Trophy-R destroyed that record by a whole four seconds. Sacrebleu! » 6/16/14 12:23pm 6/16/14 12:23pm

Why Can't America Get Europe's Fastest Hot Hatches?

The Fiesta ST is fun but small. The Subaru WRX is old school but not a hatchback anymore. The Golf GTI? Not fast enough. The Golf R? Could be more fun. America is clearly missing out. » 6/02/14 8:41am 6/02/14 8:41am

The Renaultsport Megane 275 Trophy Is Europe's New Hottest Hatchback

Renault is known for building the most rewarding front-wheel drive cars lately, and the new Megane 275 Trophy is the latest in the line with 275 horsepower and a proper limited-slip differential. » 5/14/14 8:14am 5/14/14 8:14am

Renault Kangoo Z.E. Bitch Slaps The Competition At VansA2Z Awards

Do you think your van is environmentally friendly? Do you think your utility vehicle is a sustainable choice for product transportation? Well unless you're driving a Renault Kangoo Z.E. you better shut your face hole and drink in some knowledge through your nostrils. » 4/01/14 3:30pm 4/01/14 3:30pm